Email Marketing

Make Digital Simple Providing E-mail Marketing Services in the UK.

If you want to grow your business with digital marketing lets connect with us.

Simplify your marketing endeavor with our neat message delivery service and boost sales incredibly.

Automate your email-marketing venture with our prompted emails and innovative segmentation.

We lend a hand to marketers so that they can design consolidated and useful email marketing campaign that is best suited to their requirements. We have an objective and is to make the Email marketing campaign seamless, quicker and inexpensive so that you can inbox effective emails easily.

Make Digital Simple, is one of the principal auto-permitted email marketing platform, assists you get in touch with your target group efficiently at a negligible cost.

Make Digital Simple Email Marketing helps you reach your clients and patrons for just few clicks. Make use of emails to contact a large number of people in a lesser amount of time and money.

We will personalise your message, propel reminders, engage new clients, and there is more. Now you can maneuver commanding marketing messages with our Email Marketing service.

You can track your visit to the website from the scheduled email list using our specialised service.

Make Digital Simple has a Tracking Module which will help you pursue the latest outcome of your email campaign and its leverage in terms of Google Analytics. Our specialists will make you understand about varying facts how to be more effective in this marketing.

With us you can evaluate the performance of your audience by scrutinizing the reports produced through the Make Digital Simple interface.

Data analysis is the key of Make Digital Simple’s success and to maintain our name we consistently generate a range of reports, which will assist you big time.

Our email analytics will help you discern the behavior of your targeted audience. We have devised stern anti-spam policies which is largely required while uploading email record. We also make sure that your email will definitely land in your reader’s inbox and that is possible with our anti-spam technology.

A committed IP address is given to every client to assist the enhanced email delivery service. Speak to us to know more about our DNS setting and dedicated IP address process.

We have been productively delivering bulk mails for our clients with as much competence as we can render. With our enormous inventory of mail server network we make sure you can contact as much reader as you can.

Our business continuation plan makes sure to offer consistent bulk mailing service and accordingly have helped us develop into an invincible leader in managing bulk email service all across the world.