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“Why nodeJS which is server side combat with its contenders” was troubleshooting us but as a curious and always ready to adopt new technology we tried and understand it, by implementing an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, it becomes beloved for its lightweight and efficiency.

node js

Node solves this issue by changing how a connection is made to the server. Instead of spawning a new OS thread for each connection. It also claims that it will never deadlock, since there are no locks allowed and it doesn’t directly block for I/O calls. It claims that a server running it can support tens of thousands of concurrent connections.

Node is extremely well-designed for situations where you are expecting a high amount of traffic and the server-side logic and processing required isn’t necessarily large before responding to the client.

Node is intended to run on a machine and to serve some requests. Just like a normal web server, but with few differences. First of all Node is not only serving HTTP requests, but also TCP.

Full-Cycle NodeJS Services

We earned reputation in the industry by trying hard in innovation that is the soul of Angulartric.

We have a developers team with pool of knowledge in nodeJS frameworks including realtime MVC framework, trails js and many more as well, we provide full-cycle nodeJS services that covers development and implementation’s every surface.

Game Changing Characteristics Of NodeJS
Node package works broadly
Javascript is everywhere
JSON has own
Symlink preservation
Process CPU usage