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 Pay Per Click Management Services

There are two types of Search Engine Marketing. Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimisation.

Both of these marketing strategies make use of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to attract traffic to your products or services.

Pay per click can be an immense marketing tool for businesses looking to improve visibility and conversions online.

However, due to lack of experience, many companies fail when they try to implement their own strategy.

Don’t take this personally, businesses that are new to pay per click won’t fail because they aren’t knowledgeable about their business, but because of the sophisticated search engines algorithms & advanced strategies that must be used to take advantage of them.

The pay per click platforms:

There is three traditional pay per click platforms which come recommended for businesses.

Each platform has their own pro’s and cons.

We can assist you in coming to a conclusion of which platform is the best for you, but if you would like to make the decision for yourself, here is a list of the search engines that we recommend.

Google AdWords

Easily the most popular pay per click option. Google is the largest search engine and therefore brings in the highest volume of traffic.

Pros include:

  • significant amounts of traffic, therefore, allowing you to target millions of consumers and shoppers online.

Cons include:

  • lots of competition, meaning the cost per click can be expensive compared to other search engines

Social Media Marketing

Now, this isn’t a search engine, but it still has a pay per click option which comes heavily recommended to businesses with products (I wouldn’t recommend this type of marketing for services).

Pros include:

  • Allowing you to connect with your customers, even through your pay per click ads. It also allows you to target certain demographics, geolocations and user interests. Allowing you to take full specifically, target your audience.

Cons include:

  • A much lower click through rate, lots of people on Facebook aren’t exactly looking for your product so it is a much more outbound type of marketing.


Not quite as popular as Google, but is still widely used by consumers and can still bring in significant traffic, mostly used for it’s lower Cost per click.

Pros include:

  • a lower cost per click because Bing isn’t as popular as Google. Marketers and businesses seem to neglect BingAds because “everybody loves Google”.
  • This leaves a huge gap in the market for us to take advantage.

Cons Include

  • a lower search traffic in comparison to Google. In more niche markets, it may be harder for you to spend your budget, meaning the growth of your traffic may not be as fast or successful as Google AdWords.

Here at Make Digital Simple, we provide a full pay-per-click management services across the United Kingdom.

All of our managers are AdWords Certified and use the best industry strategies and methods for our clients return on investment.

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