Shopify Website Development

We build effective online stores. We are the team that will build and define solutions to drive success for your business today.

Make Digital helps brands define and amplify their unique selling proposition and build a brand and sales channel that attracts and motivates customers.

We provide a range of services to launch, grow and market eCommerce brands.

Shopify is a platform for business

As a platform, Shopify can be a perfect solution for many businesses–from start-ups to mature brands.

Shopify provides flexibility serve as a unique product showcase, sales channel and primary brand touchpoint.  Business owners and brand managers appreciate the simplicity of it’s hosting and support infrastructure.

Solutions for eCommerce brands

  • Web development
  • Marketing
  • Design and creative services
  • Digital strategy
  • Website support & maintenance
  • Analytics & growth planning

Shopify web development company

Shopify eCommerce website developer in the North of England. E-commerce solutions for start-ups as well as mature companies. Solutions to enable growth.

Make Digital Simple offers a full-suite of a creative and strategic services for eCommerce businesses.

From digital strategy to eCommerce website development, we help brands thrive and scale using the Web.

Make Digital Simple are a solution provider when it come to Shopify.

Our work includes web design, marketing and strategy for eCommerce business.


Shopify Design Process

We’ve launched many Shopify sites, each one has been carefully designed from scratch. Our design processes for eCommerce stores is always focused around placing the user at the heart of the experience.

Working with our user experience and digital designers, your store will be created around your specific, business and customer needs.

Shopify Hosting

Shopify operates as a Saas product (software as a service) meaning Shopify hosts your eCommerce store on their network. Following this approach has many benefits. Some of these include:


Level 1 PCI compliant web hosting and shopping cart software keeping customer data secure.

Fast Content Delivery

Content delivery network (CDN) for delivering your site as quickly as possible, wherever your customers are.

No Server Set up

There’s no need to source and setup your own server. Shopify takes care of infrastructure and all software upgrades. You always get the latest Shopify updates for free.

Shopify Integrations

Shopify has its own apps marketplace which is full of different adds-ons that covers everything from marketing, shipping, accounting and customer service.

Whilst most apps have small monthly fee, it enables you to add new functionality to your website very quickly.


just right for you.


  • Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly designs
  • Simple CMS pages that are easy to update
  • E-commerce best practices built into every project
  • Google Analytics with enhanced e-commerce
  • Launch Support which includes domain setup, testing and launching
  • Marketing tool integrations from capturing emails, popups, free shipping bars, and more.