Social Media Marketing

Now, this isn’t a search engine, but it still has a pay per click option which comes heavily recommended to businesses with products (I wouldn’t recommend this type of marketing for services).

Pros include:

  • Allowing you to connect with your customers, even through your pay per click ads. It also allows you to target certain demographics, geolocations and user interests. Allowing you to take full specifically, target your audience.

Cons include:

  • A much lower click through rate, lots of people on Facebook aren’t exactly looking for your product so it is a much more outbound type of marketing.

Social Media Strategy
Social Listing
Real-Time Monitoring
Community Management
Social Contest Development & Deployment
Content Development & Distribution

Provide fast feedback from customers on time
Create brand awareness
Grow your revenue and sales
Build customer trust
Brings a large amount of traffic
Improve customer relation response on time
Bring together people who are interested in your brand or product
Promote advertising in a virtually free environment